Nunavut — Canada’s largest, most unique territory, and the proud home to Inuit for over 4,000 years.

From the arrival of Norse sailors in 1,000 AD, to the Hudson Bay Company fur trade in the late 17th century, to the first successful European crossing of the Northwest Passage in 1906, Nunavut has long been a region worth exploring.

We invite you to explore one of the largest, and most breathtaking destinations on the planet to learn about arctic wildlife and landscapes, and the Inuit way of life. After joining us, you are sure to be amazed by the vivid, dancing hues of the Aurora Borealis at the top of the world.

In Inuktitut, we use the term “illiqusiq” which means, “the way it is done,” which encompasses all aspects of our culture and our way of life.

Nunavut is home to more artists per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Experience Inuit creative expression through rich arts, crafts, and performance art by visiting with local artisans and discovering what inspires them. A trip here is not complete without some outdoor adventure! Overnight camping on the land with experienced guides offers pristine panoramic views of Nunavut that can’t be missed. There are dog sledding and floe edge excursions for a chance to see rich marine wildlife or you can take a hiking trip through our majestic National Parks across the territory. Experience traditional hunting and fishing using time honoured methods, or join the pros for sport hunting and fishing. You’ll find endless things to see and do in Nunavut.

The Inuktitut word for wildlife is “nirjutit,” and the word for bird is “tingmiaq” – you’ll see plenty of both on your visit.

Nunavut fosters great respect and admiration for the arctic wildlife that calls this land – or sea – home. You’re likely to have a once, or twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot beluga whales, the almost mythical narwhal, polar bear, caribou, musk ox, eider duck, and more as you tour the region with our expert guides.

There are four official languages in Nunavut — Inuktitut, English, French and Inuinnaqtun, which is a variant of the Inuit language spoken in the westernmost communities of the territory.

“One of the most important words in Inuktitut is “ii” — which means “yes.” When asked if you would like to explore the fjords by kayak with our expert outfitters, the best response is, of course, “ii!”

You’ll have to leave your car at home for this visit. Nunavut can only be accessed by air and sea — no roads or highways connect this territory to the rest of Canada. The easiest way to commute between communities is by air, boat, or snowmobile.

We look forward to helping you plan your experience in Nunavut by connecting you with our incredible members. Our licensed members are here to offer a wide range of completely unique, safe, and immersive experiences you cannot find anywhere else to travellers to learn more about Inuit culture, history, tradition, and this amazing place we call home.

“Nunavut means “our land” in Inuktitut – the mother tongue of 70% of Nunavummiut – Welcome to our land!”

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